Hey there! Welcome back to another interview story. In this story, I have shared my failed interview experiences and what I feel is the cause of these failures. I’ve also tried to share the question asked, wherever possible…

1. UBER Interview

I could get past only 2 rounds and then…

Saw a message from Microsoft Recruiter in my LinkedIn InMail. (Excited me!!) Agreed to the online coding round. Due to the COVID-19 situation, all rounds were virtual.

Round 1: Online coding

The round consists of 2 coding questions. Candidates with scores of more than 50% were shortlisted. The first question…

I tried contacting Amazon recruiter via LinkedIn. Shared my resume with the recruiters via LinkedIn InMail. One of the recruiters responded back and shared a link for the online coding round.

Status: SDE 1
Location: Bengaluru, India

Round 1 – Online Coding

This consisted of 2 questions. Both the questions…

Round 1 : Online coding

The round consists of 4 coding questions. Top scorers are shortlisted for P2P rounds. The platform is hackerrank. The questions were slightly difficult.

Advice: In order to crack online round for any company (on-campus or off-campus), one must practice questions on several online platforms like…

Aishna Gupta

Software Developer 👩‍💻

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