Interview experience at Goldman Sachs India

Status: SDE 1
Position: Analyst
Location: Bengaluru, India
Date: May 14, 2019

Round 1 : CoderPad Round (1 hour)

Two questions to be coded on the coderpad platform.
Question 1: Given a list of students and their marks (where the name of students can repeat). Find the student which scored maximum average marks.
Question 2: Find the first non-repeating character in an array.

Onsite (5 rounds)
Round 1: (1 hour)
General Discussion about my interests and projects completed. Some discussion on my project that I worked on in previous organisation. I was asked ‘Why I want to switch?’ etc.

Round 2: (1 hour)
1) Discussion on one of my project.
2) Left view printing of a binary tree.

Round 3: (1 hour)
1) Construct binary tree using inorder and preorder
2) Given two lifts with a capacity of 10 persons. There are 10 floors in a building. Write a method that will give the user which lift should come to you with inputs as the floor on which you are and the target floor.

Round 4: (1 hour)
1) Given a row and column wise sorted matrix, write a method to return kth largest element.
2) Project Discussion
3) What are your expectations from GS and team.
4) Write SQL query for printing the largest average salary of each department (Using some SQL class).
5) Given a set of numbers, divide the set into two sets such that there sum is equal.

Round 5: (1 hour)
Design a board for flights. Some questions were discussed:
1) How will you handle information from different carriers.
2) Is memory needed for storing information?
3) What will the database query be?
4) How will you modify the application if your database holds other information that is not needed.

Overall experience was positive. Just be vocal and explain your approach.



Software Developer 👩‍💻

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