Interview Experience — Intuit

Round 1 : Online coding

The round consists of 4 coding questions. Top scorers are shortlisted for P2P rounds. The platform is hackerrank. The questions were slightly difficult.

Advice: In order to crack online round for any company (on-campus or off-campus), one must practice questions on several online platforms like hackerrank, hackerearth, interviewBit, LeetCode, etc. Participate in 3 hour competitions that are hosted on these platforms. This is because such competitions helps you experience and build confidence in facing the ‘online coding’ rounds.

Round 2: First P2P Interview

The lady interviewer asked me to introduce myself. She interviewed me on my projects. One of my projects dealt with the problems faced by students in finding suitable jobs. The interviewer asked me how I would convince people to use my website and how will I fund my website. We had an extensive discussion on this. Then she asked me a programming question:

Round 2: Second P2P interview

The second round also began with me introducing myself to the interviewer. This round was purely based on my internships. My internship was web based that included use of ajax. So the interviewer focused on discussing the various approaches that were used in the project.

Round 3: Technical + HR Round

In this round, I was asked about my interests and my preferences. The interviewer also asked the favourite subject of the interviewee and questions were asked on the topic mentioned.

About 6 students were shortlisted after the online coding round with 2 were final selects.



Software Developer 👩‍💻

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