Microsoft SDE II Interview Experience

Saw a message from Microsoft Recruiter in my LinkedIn InMail. (Excited me!!) Agreed to the online coding round. Due to the COVID-19 situation, all rounds were virtual.

Round 1: Online coding

The round consists of 2 coding questions. Candidates with scores of more than 50% were shortlisted. The first question was of medium difficulty. The second question was of hard difficulty.

Round 2: F2F (Virtual)

The interviewer asked me 2 questions:

Question 1
The interviewer asked me to write code and run it with some input strings.

Question 2
This was difficult for me. I couldn’t come up with the exact approach. The interviewer was really sweet. She explained the approach and asked me to code the same.

Round 3: F2F (Virtual)

The interviewer asked me 3 questions:

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3 — Provide a low — level design for the following:

Design a call-center system such that when you receive a call from a user, they provide you either their phone number or Name, how would you perform a fast search for retrieving other information about the user.

Round 4: F2F (Virtual)

This round was mainly focused on high-level designing

Design a system that identifies whether a sentence contains words that are not audience sensitive. Assume that you have a database of words that are violent/not audience sensitive.

Round 5: Hiring Manager Round

The interviewer started with some behavioral questions like explain about project/feature you have worked on from scratch, what are you currently working on, what have you learned from people you work with, etc.

Then he asked me a technical question:

You are given a map with Pattern and Conversion, for example:

Something like this:

Pattern-conversion map

You are given a string, you have to convert all patterns to respective icons (if possible). Your algorithm should be fast and use constant space.

For example:

Input: Hi :), what’s up? I am from ABC (c)
Output: Hi 🙂, what’s up? I am from ABC ©

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